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“Gegio Stalui” is a fresh meat shop, offering organic beef, such as Aubrac, Angus, organic lamb, free range chicken, turkey, duck, goose, guinea fowls, rabbit and other produce. We do not stock any frozen meat. Every working day, except for Monday, fresh products are delivered to our shop from various Lithuanian farms. Our aim is to provide customers with natural and high quality meat only. To achieve it our local suppliers are carefully selected.

In order to make a delicious meal, all the ingredients have to be fresh and good quality. We love cooking, tasting delicious food ourselves and had difficulty finding the right quality meat. Our team banded together to make people aware of what they eat and to offer local and high quality products.

Working hours:
Tue-Fri           8:30-17:00
Saturday        8:30-16:00
Sunday           8:30-15:00
Monday          CLOSED

Address:        HALE’s market, Pylimo 58-8A, Vilnius
Phone:           +370 640 31037